IBIM Gleaming Eye Glitter
The IBIM Gleaming Eye Glitter can be used in many ways.  - Brighten up your eye makeup with a touch of glitter.  - Add shine to your lips paired with another product.  - Add a touch of femininity onto your...
IBIM Dewy Serum Lip Tint
Transparency with light and a water tint that shines brightly. It's not sticky and stays on smoothly with the first color above the lips.Transparent colors are layered thinly to create a brighter and more radiant vitality.Moisturizing moisture permeates your lips...
IBIM Easy Drawing Eyeliner
6 mm easy drawing eyeliner drawn without smudge - Fine drawing - No smudging - Clear eyes - Wink does not smudge - Double coating system
LIZDA Mood Fit Palette
Warm tone color combination that suits any skin tone. From the base to the point, you can complete your own mood. It spreads smoothly and adheres to sensitive eyes.